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During a Reiki treatment the recipient should be relaxed and remains clothed.
Most people like to lie down when receiving Reiki, but it can also be given whilst the recipient is sitting or even standing, whichever is the most comfortable for the recipient.

I like to place a snug blanket over the recipient during a treatment as this helps them feel more relaxed.
I place my hands lightly on or just above the body in a number of set positions for a few minutes at a time and the Reiki flows.

Reiki is experienced in many different ways for each recipient, some feel a slight tingling, warmth or coolness and some people dont even feel anything during a treatment, whilst others even fall asleep. There is no right or wrong feeling to expirience.

A treatment takes about one hour and after which the recipient is advised to rest for a moment and drink plenty of water for the next few days.

A course of three treatments is usual, but this will be discussed after the first treatment.