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"Would just like to say the experience of my first Reiki treatment was very relaxing at the time of treatment. The following day, I felt invigorated and ready for the day ahead, coping easily with the usual hurdles presented to me during the course of a hectic working day."


"I had a very painful neck which was caused by a muscle strain, I was not sure about this treatment and i wondered if it would work so i was not very open minded when i decided to have the treatment. While having the treatment i was very relaxed and almost fell asleep. I found it very enjoyable but after the treatment i still had a sore neck and also felt very tired, but the next morning i woke up and i could not believe how good i felt. My neck felt better and i felt like i had never had a painful neck in the first place. I would recommend this treatment to anyone even if they were closed minded to trying it."


"After a Reiki session I am completely relaxed and look forward to a really good nights sleep, waking in the morning re-energized and ready for anything."


"I had a sore shoulder and had been for various massages, which had never really worked.       
After a couple of treatments with Anita my shoulder was better and has been fine since then."